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The Two-Week Social Media Marketing Challenge

When you get started with us, you will gain immediate access to the 2 Week Social Media Marketing Challenge.  This challenge is specifically designed for you to grow your social media audience and convert your audience into leads and sales.

Most small business owners waste valuable time on social media trying to find new customers and generate sales.  In this challenge you will learn how to effectively grow and engage your audience, get them to join your list and convert them to buyers.  This is NOT EASY.  If it was, then EVERYONE would be doing it.  During this challenge, you crack the code and discover how you too can become a social media rock star in two weeks.

The Small Business Marketing Intensive

Stay abreast of the latest trends in marketing by participating in the Small Business Marketing Intensive.  You will receive relevant marketing training delivered directly to your inbox.  Most of these training events will occur live for "members only".  However, we understand that entrepreneurs are busy and may not be able to make all of the LIVE training events, which is why we record them all and deliver them directly to your inbox.   This way you will never miss a training event.

Our Expert Trainers and Coaches Training Vault

We have been collecting the masterclasses and training sessions from our experts since 2012.  As you can imagine our training vault is worth its weight in gold.  It is packed with information and tools that you can use from experts around the world.   The topics range from increasing your sales to search engine optimization and charging what you're worth.  The training vault is one good reason alone to become a member of the Network for Women in Business.

Some of the faces you see above you may recognize and some of them you may not, but rest assure there are far more included in our training vault than we can include here.

Discount Tickets to Our Live Training and Networking Events

What People Say About Our Events:

Wow! Business transactions, sales, hugs, tears and room full of God-fearing women.  I could go on!  All of this took place at the Small Biz Bootcamp for Women.  There was something for everyone.  Business growth strategies, testimonials and more.  People came from all around the U.S.  I am still on a high.

Dr. Stephanie Burroughs
Dr. Stephanie Burroughs Stephanie Speaking, Inc.

The Online Marketing Mastermind Live event was amazing.  Toni delivered so much value and hands-on training.  When you come get ready to work.  Before the event I thought it would be hard to build my own lead capture pages, but after the event was over I created not only one lead capture page, but multiple pages and created my first FB ad.  You must attend the next event.  You won't regret it.

Trace Cole
Trace Cole It Works!

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Also when you become a member you will have access to our private an exclusive Facebook group.  Our Fanpage has over 40,000 followers.  Make sure to follow us and like us on social media.

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Our Founder & Regional Directors and Advisors

Toni Coleman Brown (Founder)

Your Network is Your Net Worth
Toni Coleman Brown is an author, speaker, consultant and social media strategist.  She founded the Network for Women in Business to provide a platform for experts and business owners to connect and learn from each other.  Toni believes that once you've been stretch, you can never go back to your other form of existence.  Her one word theme for 2018 is ABUNDANCE.

Greta A. Douglas (Regional Director- Boston, MA)

T.E.A.M. - Together Everyone Achieves More
I know one thing for sure, whomever God blesses no one can curse.  I am your transformation coach.  John Maxwell certified  and ready to help you go to the next level in business and in life. Let's connect!

Antoinette Wilson-Nelson (Regional Director - Tacoma, Wa)

Educator and Socialpreneur
Her long-term vision is to establish the Women in Business Network where successful entrepreneurs and business women will mentor and coach each other, around the ideas of business development and entrepreneurship using illumination, beauty and lifestyle as the paradigm for wealth creation and empowerment.

L Rachel Valentine (Regional Director - Jacksonville, FL)

Most People Don't Give Up, They Give Out
Launching an entrepreneurial venture can be a risky thing, but if you conduct research you can minimize that risk.  You can conduct a small test to discover if a new concept works. Entrepreneurs need steadfast vision as they will face a lot of unknowns.  They must always be willing to tweak initial plans and strategies.

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